Andy Warhol's New York

Andy Warhol's New York

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Andy Warhol moved to New York City from his hometown of Pittsburgh in 1948. Over the next 40 years he would transform himself from aspiring illustrator to wildly successful commercial and then fine artist. He is recognised for innovation in painting and experimental filmmaking, but his genius for selling himself was his most lasting, inescapable legacy.

Through the decades, as Warhol changed, so did New York, though it’s hard to say which influenced the other to the greater degree. Both were in a constant state of reinvention and renewal. The 60-plus entries in Andy Warhol’s New York tell the story of a remarkable man shaped by the big city he also helped to create.

Folder contains: Map (400 x 690mm), postcards and a cut-out Warhol mask.
Litho-printed in the UK on sustainably sourced paper

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