A few questions for Nate Luetkehans

It is our great pleasure to work with so many talented designers and illustrators, many of whom we only know through the magic of email or telephony. We thought it would be nice to get to know them a bit better, and so with that in mind we introduce an occasional item in which we turn the spotlight on those individuals without whom...

First up is Nate Luetkehans, a San Francisco native who made navigable and beautiful the complex maze of Rome. We asked Nate a few questions to which he has graciously sent these responses.

Tell us about three of your favourite places.
1. North Beach, San Francisco for visual inspiration. I love the design and typography all around this area. The neighborhood has some of my favourite — and generally awesome — metal letter signs (the Condor, the Crowbar) and painted buildings (101 Records) in the whole city.

2. Cat Sanctuary, Rome for the cat and people watching. I can't even count the amount of time I spent sitting around this piazza while I studied in Rome my senior year of school. Cat Sanctuary is properly known as Torre Argentina, and its ruins are believed to be the remains of Pompey's Theatre, the spot where Julius Caesar was actually killed. Today it's full of Rome's stray cat population, and is refuge to hundreds of friendly cats.

3. Olmstead Point, Yosemite for the view. My first visit to Yosemite was amazing, and it's crazy to think that this place is just four hours away from where I live. I spent a week here last summer and can't really describe how epically beautiful it is.

Where would you love to go but haven't had the chance?
All of my travel up to this point has been to larger cities, so if I had the chance I'd really love to go and spend time in a rural, Miyazaki-esque, area of Japan. I'd also settle for Disneyland.

Where have you been, and never want to return?
It seems like I should really answer this question with the name of a city I've traveled to, but I don't know that I've ever been anywhere I'd never give a second chance. I have, however, gotten my hair cut at a particularly bad barber that I can't say the same thing about.

One of the advantages of email is that we've avoided the humiliation of mispronouncing your name. Just so we're prepared, would you spell Luetkehans for us phonetically.
It's much easier to pronounce than it looks — it's Luet (Loot) ke (Kuh) hans (Hahns).

You can see more of Nate's work here, and we very much hope on future Herb Lester projects.

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