Back in Paris

We are back from a few days in Paris where we were researching another map. The city looked glorious in the early spring sunshine. We won't divulge the new guide's theme just yet, but the photos below may conceivably offer some clues.

In a somewhat uncharacteristic embracing of technology, we found our trip made vastly less complicated by two apps we had downloaded before going. Paris2Go is a map which works without an internet connection, pointing even the most geographically-challenged in the right direction. And Guide Métro de Paris is a wonderfully simple route-planner, which allows you to store favourite journeys and shows a variety of different routes. Both are simple, easy to use and come with our recommendation.

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Herb visits… Paris

Conventional wisdom has it that there are better times to visit Paris than the middle of August. Most people prefer it when shops are open and there are natives in residence, but there’s a peacefulness at this time of year which encourages aimless wandering and a pleasantly unfocussed approach to sightseeing.

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Herb visits… Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature


Faintly sinister but hugely seductive, this unlikely museum is dedicated to the slaughter and subsequent preservation or consumption of animals: what we call hunting, and the French know rather more romantically as La Chasse.

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