Launching The Look Of London

Last week we hosted a modest event to launch The Look Of London, our new publication which we have produced in a collaboration with Paul Gorman. The map is a celebration of the independent shops and small businesses from which global fashions have sprung, and so we were delighted that we were able to do this in the lovely surroundings of Lewis Leathers, a prime example of just such an enterprise, and one that thankfully still thrives.

It was, to coin a phrase, a dark and stormy night but we were delighted that so many braved the rain and were able to raise a bottle of Saint Craft Lager to this new publication and to the pioneers documented in the map, some of whom joined us on the evening.

Our thanks go to Derek and all at Lewis Leathers, Nicola Murray at Dawbell, Saint Craft Lager, Kitty Regan, and all who showed up.


Top: Nigel Waymouth; Caz Facey and Lloyd Johnson
Middle: Jeff Dexter; Paul Gorman and Bruce Marcus
Above:  Derek Harris
All photos by Kitty Regan

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