Herb visits… Russell's of Clapton

We are frequently asked to suggest good places to stay in London, but as residents of this great metropolis, our experience is limited. We can recommend hotels with pleasant bars or restaurants, and point out those with spicy histories or suffering from a particularly lamentable renovation, but if you're asking about clean sheets and a pleasant atmosphere, we come up with little. Until now that is, because if you are planning to stay out east, we recommend Russell's, a delightful bed and breakfast on rapidly-evolving Chatsworth Road.

Russell's is light and clean, homely and well cared-for but not fussy in any way; it's not the bed and breakfast of popular fiction. It is run by Annette with Reggie, her beautiful whippet, an excitable, elegant assistant. If we found somewhere as nice as this to stay while on our travels, we would be very pleased indeed.

Russell's of Clapton, 123 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LA. Tel: 07976 669 906

Below, Reggie vamps it up. Photograph by Instagram user whybray.

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