In the belly of the bridge

In which our intrepid associate Tim Matthews sees the familiar with fresh eyes

Long before one tires of London, one becomes merely familiar with it. Some familiarities are irritating, others are wonderful: they’re the finishing touches that make one city different to another, the things which make a place itself. As Boz might say, they are the "porter for the pot" or the "gas for the light". In London these are many and varied, and like old red buses and new blue bicycles you see them and notice them but at the same time you see them and you don't notice them. They’re so familiar, what more is there to know? A bus is a bus, a bike is a bike and even a bridge, well it’s just a bridge.There can be few structures in London more familiar than Tower Bridge – neo-gothic Victorian practical-folly at its best. Through its use on the fanfare-heralded Thames Television ident of old and being one of the most frequently used structures on any stylised London skyline, you don’t even have to have been south of Stoke to recognise it. So when the opportunity came to visit London’s most easterly river crossing, I wondered what more there could be to know? What more is there to find out about something we’ve all seen countless times. It's wonderful but what more is there to see?

All photographs by Tim Matthews

Posted in Architecture, England, London, UK

Lament for Intoxica!

New York, 1964

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