Herb visits… Sounds That Swing

A few years ago a remarkable thing happened. Sounds That Swing closed their shop in Inverness Street – a charming place, but damp, claustrophobic and miniscule – and opened a new, larger one a short walk away. This modest independent record shop, whose speciality is fifties and sixties rock’n’roll had bucked the trend and succeeded where the industry titans failed.

Today Sounds That Swing is in rude health, shelves amply stocked with LPs, CDs and DVDs, stacks of rare 45s behind the counter, and the same jovial team of Barney, Neil and Oihane keeping customers entertained and supplied with the music they love. With such specialism and the staff’s own penchant for absolutely the most obscure and demented records, it would be easy for shoppers to feel excluded, but the reality is quite the opposite. Like all the best shops, this is a sociable place where old friends meet and new ones are made. 

Sounds That Swing, 88 Parkway, London NW1 7AN. Tel: 020 7267 4682

Open daily from 11am

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