Practical Guide of Milan

Imagine if, instead of Mars bars and body lotion, hotels gave you something useful and beautiful. In 1912, visitors to the Hôtel du Nord, Milan were given precisely that in the elegant shape of this Practical Guide Of Milan And Its Environs. Slim and light, this would fit perfectly into your breast pocket, and at 44 pages with a fold-out map it has everything the traveller requires. For the modern visitor, eager for bright lights and the instant thrill of commerce, the tone might seem just a little severe, and the itinerary on the punishing side, but who are we to quibble with its stated purpose:

“The manager of the Hôtel du Nord presents, with his best compliments, this small Guide to his Visitors; hoping thereby to be, in however small degree, of some use to them, during their stay in this historical City.”

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Our guides are printed in England on 100% recycled paper