Herb Lester and Auchentoshan

Some months back we worked with our friends Two Arms Inc on this project for whisky company Auchentoshan. The illustrations take the reader through the manufacturing stages and also help to better understand the tasting process. 

Herb Lester and Foyles

In place of a traditional Christmas catalogue, Foyles, the venerable independent booksellers, took a characteristically idiosyncratic approach for 2011 and decided to create a map based on their seasonal suggestions. We were delighted to be asked to assist them in doing this, and quickly roped in Marcus Walters to design and illustrate the piece.

Working at greater speed than Santa’s nine-reindeer team, we produced the delightful catalogue-map hybrid you see below, which was distributed to Foyle’s five London shops and in a slightly different version to the Bristol store.

Herb Lester meets A Bathing Ape

In the heart of Soho, just a few minutes walk from where Dougie Millings built the Beatles’ suits and Tommy Roberts established Kleptomania, Japanese clothing empire A Bathing Ape now plies its trade. The items sold at A Bathing Ape are entirely different in style to those of their predecessors, but the business of providing new garb to fashion-conscious youth is much the same.

A Bathing Ape chose to highlight this sense of continuity in an ephemeral business, and asked us to collaborate in this by adapting Wish You Were There, our guide to the best places to shop, drink and dance in London during the years 1960 to 1966.

The map was revised by its designer Peder Bernhardt to fit a square format and incorporate A Bathing Ape. Artwork done, A Bathing Ape printed the revised map onto handkerchiefs, with packaging which places a bemused simian in the very epicentre of Swinging London. 

The handkerchiefs were printed as promotional items only, and now sit in the collections of A Bathing Ape fans and collectors, and in Herb Lester’s own vault.

Photographs by Stephanie Lynn


Our guides are printed in England on 100% recycled paper